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Spirit Week 2016

by Mallika Sankaran

In the week of February 22nd to 26th, the UWCSEA East student and staff community expressed school spirit through five dress-up days. Spirit week is an annual event where students are allowed to dress to a certain theme on each day, a chance to break free of the uniform and enjoy expressing their creativity and spirit.

On Monday, it was the infamous duo and twin day, where students had a chance to synchronise their outfits with someone else. They could either dress identically, or each adopt a role of a famous duo. At lunchtime, there was a dodgeball competition through which students of different grades collaborated to participate in the friendly competition.  

On Tuesday, it was GC day, celebrating the uniqueness and variety of East campus’ global concern groups. Students either dressed up in the colours of the nation or merchandise from the GC. The GC Executive committee also organised a lunchtime activity revolving around spreading awareness for our GCs.

On Wednesday, it was Pyjama day, where students came in their most comfortable clothes. However it was very tough not to sleep during classes on that day! Since Wednesday is right in the middle of the week, most students feel a slump  in energy levels or increased pressure due to many assignments, but this opportunity allowed them to be in a relaxed atmosphere at school.  

On Thursday, it was superhero day, representing people who the students look up to for inspiration and motivation. Nevertheless, it was also meant to be a fun day where people could dress up as superheroes seen in Hollywood movies too. Some fearless students even dared to dress up as staff!

The last day was Dragons’ Day, named after the East campus mascot. This day was all about celebrating the community and culture we have built at East over the years. Students either came dressed in their sports jerseys or in the colours of the school
Overall it was a great week that brought the all grades of high school together and showed a personable side to our united school spirit. The colours and creativity exhibited are only a few of the quintessential qualities of East.


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