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13 Things IGCSE Students Don’t Say During Exams

Compiled by Megha Parwani

  1. I studied like crazy for my Spanish/French/Chinese exam.
  2. The time pressure during foreign language exams is SO REAL.
  3. I really hope they ask about Tesman. He’s just so layered.
  4. Myimaths is an entirely viable revision resource. I love it.
  5. I doubt co-sci will ask me to define osmosis.
  6. I don’t need Math Vision. School prepared me too well.
  7. Waiting outside the exam hall is so peaceful. Mass hysteria? You’ll never see that at our school.
  8. Study leave is too short. Extensively sitting at home between exams does not depress me to the point of an existential crisis.
  9. Ad math: Relative velocity was pristinely clear to me. 
  10. GCSE PE: Nothing’s more fun than personal survival! Except, maybe, taking an exam after dinner.
  11. Arts
    1. Visual Arts: I finished my AO3 at least 24 hours before the exam.
    2. Drama: My run-through went perfectly fine with everything working out.
    3. Food Tech: Egg is definitely vegetarian/non-vegetarian.
    4. DT: The printer is never backed up.
  12.  Humanities
    1. Economics: I used less than 12 pieces of paper to write my exam.
    2. History: I memorized everything, including the Gulf War.
    3. Geography: Case studies will likely be of vital importance in the real world.
  13.  I am so ready for IB, I am energized! No burn-out whatsoever.



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