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Music From All Corners 2016

By Rajkumar Raiyani

UWCSEA – East Campus’ annual high school music concert for students from grades 9 to 12 “Music From All Corners” was held on Wednesday the 16th of March. The event celebrates creativity in music, talent and collaboration. The audience were treated to a wide variety of musical performances ranging from orchestra, jazz band choir, samba band, marimba groups and the West African drumming ensemble – Djembefolaw. This edition encouraged musical connections between different ensembles through rhythm, composition techniques and metre.

The Marimba’s were a musical group that played xylophones. They incorporated different layers and textures in order to create the effect of polyrhythms. It was an exciting performance and they surprised the audience with their elegant and enchanting melodies.

The orchestra was exceptional. They brought to life some of the old music of famous composers of yester years. This was a trip down memory lane for some in the audience. I was astounded how the orchestra paid heed to meticulous details and their synchronised output.

The choir was another outstanding performance of the evening. Their vibrant and resonating singing echoed through the auditorium which held the audience’s interest till the very end. The male voices mainly bass and tenor were able to accompany the female soprano and alto voices which further created fluidity. The crowd got going with a beat-boxing performance by one of the members of choir which added a burst of energy.

Our Djembefolaw performance incorporated African polyrhythms, beats with different textures. We performed two pieces; Sofa and Denadon. This time we took on multiple roles including solo performances which was interesting and challenging. The Djembefolaw included drums, the dununba, sangban, kenkeni as well as the traditional bells to churn out vibrant and foot tapping beats.

The samba band was formidable. They were an outstanding group that electrified the audience. Their high level intensity and fast paced rhythms immediately captivated the audience! They were able to recreate the Brazilian Samba experience with different rhythms collaborating through call, response and repetition.

Overall, “Music From All Corners” was a memorable concert. The musical groups entertained the audiences with their rich cultural, historic music and their skills. It was a well-rounded performance and a special moment for the grade 12s as it was their last performance at school. We wish them all the best for a bright and successful future. And as for the rest of the players, we thank them for a well-planned and entertaining performance.

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