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Are our ethics vulnerable to CHAOS?

By Oleksandr Myroshnychenko

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What if I told you that tomorrow morning a nuclear missile will hit your country, wiping out half of the population in one vicious radioactive blow?

Of course, you wouldn’t believe me, and think of the question as complete nonsense. No one would in fact, since this statement question lacks evidence or any kind of explanation. You wouldn’t even listen to me, and just walk away minding your own business. “He’s some freak, alright…”, is what you would say to your friends or family. In fact, no matter how trembling and frightening my voice sounded, I would be ignored as a joke. And why would that voice of precaution mean nothing to us?

Well, it is the ‘belief’ that nothing that life threatening can indeed happen so suddenly, with no official warning. Or just hope that isn’t going to happen. Whatever you believe – even the slightest chance can become real in just a few seconds. And if it strikes you out of the blue, what effect will impulse and adrenaline have on your actions? How will a shocked human being respond to a situation of total apocalypse and mass destruction?

Truth is, the first thing to die in us will be our moral code. There are tons of examples in our media, from the gripping show “The Walking Dead”, to the heartbreaking video game “The Last of Us”. We can see how danger and fear may turn things round, causing violence all over the place. Whilst living our everyday lives, talking about nobility, humanity, self-awareness, we are succumbed to what is called “illusory superiority”. Illusory superiority refers to our moral side of life and whatever “right” decisions we would make. However, when world strikes a phase of Doom, our brave, human traits will be swept away in the face of harsh, bloodthirsty survival.We only start feeling the “gift of life” when it is at stake, when our senses sharpen and blood boils in fright. Like it or not, most of us will turn into animal-like beings like if we were during the mating-season. The thin line that separates us from animals, is our ability to think, to analyse and to create. Cruel circumstances can explore our dark side, our shadow, hidden below the surface of homo sapiens and society.

What society can there be, when a government crumbles into ashes, changing our world into a deadly anarchy? You will have to murder, as you fight for resources and the safety of your friends and family. Anger… fury…you will always hear the cold breath of danger behind your back. But what if people can civilize together again, as a whole, reasonable community?

All of us want to believe that without any rules imposed by government officials, we can still maintain our mindful cooperation and ability to act human. In other words – an apocalyptic world with the minimum of violence. In theory that could work and benefit all those victims of fire and blood spreading across continent. But theory can’t predict accurately enough, for anything to be really true. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t rely on everyone’s collaborative skills in peaceful survival, due to the fact that people, unfortunately, do have the tendency to stand up against each other.

One group VS.  the other, is what is more likely to happen, since

there wouldn’t be enough agreement in just a unified surviving nation. People will care about themselves, or their group, rather than someone else they never saw before. And when it comes to the last piece of meat in an empty grocery store, doubtingly there would be much talk through it, before fists start flying…


So why would it be that way? Why does it have to? The choice lies in us, in our mind. If you say you wouldn’t hurt a fly, even if you’d wanted to…doubtingly enough, you might want to reconsider your perspectives, when things start to go rough. The real question you need to ask yourself is, would you do it? Would you kill for your own good, and the good of your family? Would you go back to the savage roots of stone age?


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