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EE Day

By: Rajkumar Raiyani

Achievement, exhilaration and relief would best describe the feelings of the participants at the EE Day celebrations on Campus. And what a journey it has been! The Extended Essay is an important requirement of the IB Diploma where a student submits a 4000 word academic paper on an independently researched topic. The EE makes up one half of the three IB Diploma additional points and carries a lot of weight in the overall assessment. The Extended Essay can cover any topic in Computer Science, Philosophy, Politics, World Studies, World Religion, Language & Literature, Individuals & Societies, Experimental Sciences, Maths and the Arts.

October 24th was EE Day at U.W.C. East. This is a tradition at UWCSEA East whereby mentors, supervisors and parents acknowledge the effort and hard work of the students. It is also a celebration of  the year’s longest task.

This year, parents brought in a large number of food and drinks for the party, and students got a chance to taste different kinds of finger foods from various parts of the world typical of the UWCSEA culture. Tradition also demands that students come dressed in costumes that reflect their Extended Essay topic.

The main hall was a feast for the eyes, with a lot of creativity on display in the costumes. There were doctors, photographers, famous personalities like Barack Obama, artists like Nicki Minaj and many more. This was a reflection of the wide array of topics selected by this year’s IBD batch. The session provided a much needed celebration for the students who have been working very hard in preparation for their IAs, university applications and lots of other IB related requirements. To preserve the memory, the celebration ended with a group photo.

Indeed it was a beautiful morning, which will be cherished by the 2017 IBD cohort.

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