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Mission: The East Express aims to cover school-wide, local and global news in an honest, informative and engaging manner for the members of the UWCSEA community. Above all, we hope to capture the student voice, and create an information platform run for students, by students.  All opinions presented strive to be constructive, balanced and considerate of different perspectives.
Disclaimer: All opinions presented in The East Express are solely those of the respective author(s). They do not necessarily represent the views of the UWCSEA East community, or its administration. Commenting is encouraged, but no anonymous comments are permitted. Names are sometimes changed/withheld at the discretion of writers and interviewees. Please email concerns/feedback to

Current Writers

Megha Parwani

Megha is a Grade 12 student, who has been at UWC East for six years. She is a founding member, writer and the editor of The East Express. She enjoys writing about school events as much as she does organizing them. When she isn’t writing for The Express, she is probably watching awful reality TV, blogging about books, or working on a service project. You can contact her at .

Mallika Sankaran 

Mallika is a Grade 12 student who has been at East for six years. She is a founding member of The East Express. She enjoys writing about the array of school events, global news, and travel destinations. In her spare time, you can find her baking sweets, painting and drawing landscapes. You can contact her at

Pavitra Sankaran

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Pavitra is a Grade 12 student who has been at East for six years. She is a founding member of The East Express and frequently writes for the Science & Technology and Media sections, in addition to managing the Publicity team. When she isn’t writing, you can find her exploring her eclectic music taste, trying (but failing) to start TV shows or looking at the world through a 17-200mm lens. You can contact her at

Dana Kurniawan

Dana is a Grade 11 student, who’s in her first year at East Express. From art and entertainment to contemporary political/international relations issues, Dana loves a good argument but promises to be open to perspective. When she’s not writing for East Express, you’ll probably catch her watching Madam Secretary, spoken word, or Saturday Night Live.

Jayasree Chakravarty

Jayasree is in Grade 11 and she has been a part of The East Express since August, 2016. She is from India and is an avid reader, which often comes in handy while thinking about topics to write on. She writes on current affairs, as well as anything, she may find interesting. She really enjoys swimming as well as playing tennis when she has time!

Trisha Guttal

Trisha Guttal is an 11th grader who is new to the East Express community. She enjoys writing and even sketching comic strips about current events, and anything new and interesting that she comes across. When she has free time, she loves to sing and travel.

Ella Glanville

Ella Glanville is an 11th grade reporter, currently in her first term as part of The East Express. A fun and worldly individual who explores the sports fields, global affairs and political arenas as part of her journalistic repertoire. You can catch her watching crime scene investigation TV shows or on the field and court.  For further inquires, you can contact her @!



Navya More


Navya is in the 11th grade and has been in UWC for 4 years. This is her first year in the East Express and she is part of the publicity team. She enjoys writing about the controversial and exciting world of the Arts and Entertainment industry. When she has free time, you’ll probably find her watching superhero movies. You can contact her at

Oleksandr Myroshnychenko

Raj Raiyani 

Teacher Supervisors

Ms. Smita Lall

Mr. Theo Sweeting

Past Members

Shreya Basu

Shreyam Misra

Ally Benitez

Ahana Banerjee

Saksham Mohan

Mansi Agarwal

Lauren Hunter

Tanisha Pandey

Jo Yie Leong

Chan Myae Aye

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